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43º 32' 47.8" N - 7º 02' 01.6" W


The kingdom of the salmon
The protected stretch of the river Eo runs from the middle to its end, approximately from the confluence with its main tributary, the Rodil, to its Cantabrian finish, marked by the Pancha lighthouse. It forms a narrow estuary with an average width of 800 metres, which in reality is an estuary up to Castropol and then, further in becomes mudflats of great ecological value.
Among the river Eo’s other natural assets is the fact that it is the main salmon spawning grounds in Galicia. The delimitation of the fishing areas comprises six salmon and trout preserves, half of which are shared with Asturias. One of the best preserves is located in the Ría de Abres (Trabada).
Upstream, the main town is A Pontenova. The Eo flows in front of the five chimneys of the old industrial furnaces, and from here we can also get to the As Reigadas forest (See SCI “Carballido”).


From Ribadeo going south along the N-640 road.

The Ways of St. James

The Northern Camino
The Primitive Camino


The course of the river goes through the province of Lugo of Ribadeo, Trabada, A Pontenova, Riotorto, Meira, Ribeira de Piquín and A Fonsagrada, on the border with the Principality of Asturias.


SCI 781.13 hectares.


Accommodation: Yes.
Food: Yes.

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