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A Fonsagrada | A Pontenova | Ribeira de Piquín

43º 16' 52.6" N - 7º 08' 51.6" W


The local road connecting A Pontenova, to the north, and A Fonsagrada, to the south, is the main approach road to two extensive forests, separate from each other and difficult to reach, that cover the network of tributaries of the high basin of the Eo. The first is the Fraga beside the river Reigadas and other streams. It is recommended that the visit starts from the ironworks of Bogo (A Pontenova), where an interesting ethnographical group from the 18th century related to the ferric richness of this region, has been restored.
The second forest, in the municipalities of A Fonsagrada and Ribeira de Piquín, is the one of Carballido. The forest is located in the area of the Rodil river and its many tributaries, including the Veiga de Logares. References have been made to the sporadic presence of brown bears.


From A Pontenova or A Fonsagrada on the LU-740 road.

The Ways of St. James

The Primitive Camino


At the border with the Principado de Asturias, municipalities of A Pontenova, Ribeira de Piquín and A Fonsagrada (Lugo).


4,633.94 hectares


Rural tourism.

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