On the Way of St. James


A Guarda - Pontevedra

41º 54' 32.0" N - 8º 51' 10.0" W


This interesting region can be found in the southwest corner of Galicia, where the Miño River flows into the sea. Because of its great natural and scenic value, it has been named the Baixo Miño SCI and Esteiro do Miño SPA. The trail accompanies the Miño River through this space on its final kilometres before reaching the sea. It is a pleasant, completely flat route that runs along reed beds, rocks and beautiful beaches on a wellmaintained trail.

The route begins near San Lorenzo de Salcidos Parish Church. From here, head towards the river across the extensive plain. Step carefully as you cross the reed bed and take a moment to do a bit of birdwatching from the bird observation tower. You will pass through Lugar da Pasaxe, a place with a great deal of history. It was and continues to be a maritime connection with neighbouring
Portugal. Highlights include the magnificent Jesuit School building.

Halfway along the route, river turns to sea. You will spot O Forte da Ínsua, a spectacular Portuguese fortification erected in the centre of the river mouth, where the waters of the river and sea collide violently. Continuing along the trail, you will cross a large rocky area
broken up by the force of the waves, creating millions of pebbles. You will also see a pile of stones once used to extract salt from the seawater.

At this point, there are two alternatives to the main route, variations that run a little further away from the coast, allowing you to make the return journey along different paths.


Near the town of A Guarda, in the southwest corner of Galicia. Go to San Lorenzo de Salcidos Church, where an arrow indicates the trailhead.

The Ways of St. James

Portiguese Route by coast


8.6 km (variations 1, 2 and 3 are 500 m, 2 km and 680 m, respectively).

Point of Departure / Arrival

Point of arrival: As Pozas (Concello da Guarda) - UTM 29T X:509859 Y:4636721
Starting point: San Lorenzo de Salcidos Church (Concello da Guarda). - UTM 29T X:512208 Y:4639670


San Lorenzo de Salcidos Church, Lugar da Pasaxe, Palomar, Armona Beach, Camposancos Beach, As Pozas.




3 hours 45 minutes.


In A Guarda.


Effort M.I.D.E.:
Itinerary M.I.D.E.:
Displacement M.I.D.E.:
Enviroment M.I.D.E.:

Bicycle access

Totally suitable

Horse access

Partially suitable

cartography I.G.N. (1:25:000)

298-IV A Guarda e 299-III Salcidos.

Further information

Concello da Guarda
Tel.: 986 614 546

Altitudinal profile

Minimum height above sea level: 2 m.
Maximum height above sea level: 38 m.
Cumulative elevation loss: 140 m.
Cumulative elevation gain: 133 m.
Trail elevation profile

Kind of route

Small travel


Natural interest
Scenic interest


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