Castro de Rei - Lugo

43º 09' 48.8" N - 7º 23' 03.4" W
43º 12' 28.3" N - 7º 24' 06.2" W


This one-way route is easier if you begin at the Castro de Viladonga Archaeological Museum. Take advantage of this opportunity to visit
one of the most important sites in Galicia’s castro culture. From here, the route descends, offering a spectacular panoramic view of the A Terra Chá district. A forest of birch and alder trees gradually covers you as you walk towards Lugar de Monelos.

Here you will find an amazing architectural complex made up of a manor house, Pazo de Fontexón, attached house and mill. The last
two structures have been exquisitely restored. And don’t miss San Xoán de Azúmara Church, just a few metres off the trail.

Continue along the course of the Azúmara River until you come to the former arsenic mine. According to locals, in the 1940s, mining this toxic metal gave an important boost to the local economy. In addition to the mouth of the mine, a long, deep channel which carried water to the mine is still visible, parallel to the trail.

Following the relaxed descent of the river, you will come to the end of the trail, the recreation area at the entrance to the village of Castro de Rei.


At km 70 on the N-640, continue to the Castro de Viladonga Archaeological Museum access road. The trailhead is 100 m north of this point.


7 km.

Point of Departure / Arrival

Point of arrival: Azúmara River Recreation Area (Concello de Castro de Rei) - UTM 29T X:629833 Y:4785140
Starting point: Castro de Viladonga Archaeological Museum - UTM 29T X:631345 Y:4780247


Castro de Viladonga Archaeological Museum, Lugar de Monelos, Arsenic Mine, Lugar de Prado, Azúmara River Recreation Area.




2 hours and a half.


In Castro de Rei and Castro Ribeiras de Lea.


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Bicycle access

Totally suitable

cartography I.G.N. (1:25:000)

48-III Castro de Rei, 73-I Duarria.

Further information

Concello de Castro de Rei
Tel.: 982 314 034

Mancomunidade Terra Chá

Segatur (Sendeiros de Galicia para o Turismo Rural S.L.)
Tel. 654 165 730 / 886 117 011

Altitudinal profile

Minimum height above sea level: 421 m.
Maximum height above sea level: 564 m.
Cumulative elevation loss: 272 m.
Cumulative elevation gain: 169 m.
Trail elevation profile

Kind of route

Small travel


Architectural interest
Historic interest
Natural interest


Initial pickup date: 01/08/2019
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