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On the Way of St. James
Dates of celebration: 07/04 - 16/04


Mondoñedo - Lugo

43º 25' 41.2" N - 7º 21' 45.8" W


Holy Week in Mondoñedo has historical roots that go beyond the 16th century, it is an example of simplicity and solemnity, a reflection of the popular Faith of this area of Galicia.
Holy Week in Mondoñedo is a time of recollection and of personal reflection.
The Procession and Mass of Palms, Procession of the Ecce Homo, Procession of the Arrest, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Procession of the Holy Encounter, Procession of the Holy Burial, and Procession of Soledad (solitude), are the most outstanding public manifestations of this Holy Week with several centuries of history behind it.
And in the heart of all this is the Cathedral of Mondoñedo, which is the central point of the events, both liturgical and processional. The Easter Triduum (events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday) is presided over by the Bishop of the Diocese and starting and ending point for processions as representative as the Holy Burial or Solitude on Good Friday.
Holy Week in Mondoñedo, which begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Saturday night with the celebration of Easter, brings together tradition, history and reflection in an incomparable setting, namely on the streets of the Mindoniense old quarter overlooked by the Mondoñedo Cathedral.

Not to be missed:
The Procession of Solitude, (Friday). There is a candle-lit procession accompanying the Virgin, where the Plorans (by Maestro Pacheco) is also sung, which can only be sung in Mondoñedo and in the Royal Chapel of Madrid.

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