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Chantada - Lugo

42º 37' 16.7" N - 7º 53' 51.4" W


At 1,181 metres, straddling the municipalities of Rodeiro (Pontevedra) and Chantada (Lugo), O Faro is one of the highest peaks of the group of ranges known as the Dorsal Gallega.

It is both a scenic and spiritual landmark, being the site of the Ermida da Nosa Señora do Faro, a seventeenth-century hermitage built on top of the remains of older temples, indicating its importance as a place of religious worship. Nowadays it is the destination of two great romerías (pilgrimages) held in August and September and attended by the faithful from all over Galicia.

The O Faro range is also a place of great archaeological importance. Its western flanks are the site of burial tumuli known as mámoas, a characteristic feature of the megalithic culture. These societies buried their dead at the outer limits of the area they considered to be their territory, and the O Faro mountains form an obvious natural frontier.

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