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Dates of celebration: 25/08 - 25/08


Parish: Leiro (San Pedro)

Place: Leiro

32420  Leiro - Ourense

42º 22' 09.7" N - 8º 07' 30.4" W


The Festa da Vendima started in 1963 thanks to the Town Council and has been held, every year since 2000, on the last Sunday of August. 
The association of wine with celebration and joy is as old as time itself, and even more so when it is a good wine from Leiro. As the Bishop of Ourense said in 1626: "the most generous wines are those from the banks of the Avia, celebrated throughout the monarchy and much sought after in Flanders, Holland and England". That is why in Leiro, wine is celebrated and all celebrations have wine. It is an expression of our culture, our art and our way of seeing and understanding life. 
Throughout the day, from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., a variety of activities take place in Leiro for all kinds of audiences: the opening speech given by various personalities from the world of politics, culture... the grape harvest float parade (the main event), the official and popular lunch, musical performances with bagpipers, choirs, orchestras, Galician folk groups..., the red and white grape competition, the craft market, the classic car show, the Ribeiro Wine Show and children's activities. 

Highlight: the float parade and contest, the Ribeiro Wine Show, craft market and popular food in O Salgueiral.
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