On the Way of St. James


Samos - Lugo

42º 39' 28.1" N - 7º 15' 26.2" W

The Ways of St. James

The French Camino

The Walk

Santalla Waterfall 
In the depths of Courel

An artistic and literary route dedicated to Fiz Vergara Vilariño passes through the val de Lóuzara. This poet was born in the parish of Santalla in 1953 and died at the age of 44 due to a degenerative disease he had been suffering from since childhood. 

The Galician Language Writers’ Association and the cultural group Ergueitos de Sarria implemented this 7 km route, which is divided into 13 stages marked with the works of other artists who wanted to join in this tribute. 

Here we propose a stretch of little more than one kilometre, specifically from Casares to the Santalla Waterfall. This is a path along the banks of the Lóuzara River, through meadows and riverside woodland, which ends at the waterfall, which falls among chestnut trees from a height of approximately 25 m.


Length: 1.1 km (one way)
starting point: Santalla de Abaixo 42°39'28.11"N / 7°15'26.22"W
End Point :
Santalla Waterfall 42°39'4.15"N / 7°15'16.54"W
Initial pickup date: 01/01/2021
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