Viana do Bolo - Ourense

42º 09' 06.0" N - 7º 07' 15.6" W

The Walk

The Roman mines of As Borreas
The history transformed into nature

This circular route of just 3 km, partly asphalted, will take us to one of the mines that existed in the territory of the ancient Gallaecia, which was intensively exploited by the Romans after their conquest in the 2nd century BC. We access it taking the road from A Gudiña to Viana do Bolo, following a detour to Caldesiños. At the start of this trail we can leave our vehicle next to the tourist sign indicating the mines.

Here we can choose to ascend 1 km along the road, with little traffic, or climb up to the north viewpoint through the forest of native trees, composed mainly of chestnut and oak, to then continue to the road and descend towards the car park, with a small diversion to the south viewpoint. At both panoramic points there are explanatory panels that help us to interpret the immediate landscape, the result of man’s action.

The Romans managed to extract tons of gold using a system called ruina montium, a technique that combines the construction of wells and underground galleries with the use of water to bring down large masses of goldbearing soil. From them we can also see the surrounding mountains, such as serra Seca or Cabeza Grande at an altitude of over 1.200 m, or the tail end of the encoro do Vao, in the valley of the Camba River before it joins the Bibei in Viana do Bolo.


Length: 2,88 km (circular)
starting point:
Detour to Caldesiños from OU-533 PK. 14,650 (42°09'05.91''N / 7°07'15.41''W)
End Point : Detour to Caldesiños from OU-533 PK. 14,650 (42°09'05.91''N / 7°07'15.41''W)
Circular walk

Accessibility to consider

Rugged terrain


Hidden heritage
Initial pickup date: 01/01/2021