Ponte Millennium, two thousand years pass by in a minute. The city occupies the left bank of the Miño. The A Ponte district on the right bank is linked to the railway history of this important communications centre. Old Ourense is therefore slightly divided by the river. Among the bustling jumble of its streets and unique squares, such as the Praza do Ferro, Praza do Trigo, or the Eironciño dos Cabaleiros, are the main historical monuments. The A href="http://www.turismo.gal/ficha-recurso?cod_rec=6076" target="_blank">San Martiño Cathedral retains the primitive air of a fortified structure with later features, added in recent times, such as the access stairway to the main door that hides the Pórtico do Paraíso. The side doors are old and beautiful. The north wing houses the Capela do Cristo, whose image on the baroque altarpiece is one of the symbols of the city. The Praza Mayor, a sloping square with an arcade, is dominated by the Casa do Concello, beside the Archaeological Museum in the old Episcopal Palace. At the top of the side stairway is the Igrexa de Santa María Madre which has a façade with four white columns from a primitive Swabian basilica. Behind the town hall are other historic buildings; a little further down are the Manantiales de As Burgas, which should not be missed. Although popular folklore says that the water is boiling, the temperature is only 67º, with a flow of 300 litres per minute. In addition to its own garden, there are other larger green spaces in the area, such as the Alameda and the Xardín do Posío, a special botanical garden. In the upper part of the city, the San Francisco Convent and its adjoining Cemiterio are among the more quiet, typical Ourense locations. The building has a unique cloister with paired columns and richly decorated capitals. The Igrexa de San Francisco was moved to the San Lázaro Park, the centre for modern life in the city."/>


Historic and artistic
On the Way of St. James


32005  Ourense - Ourense

42º 20' 27.9" N - 7º 51' 53.2" W

The Ways of St. James

Vía de la Plata

Main monuments

Name: Santuario dos Remedios - Dating: s. XVI
Name: Praza Maior, Prazo do Ferro... - Dating: .
Name: Ponte Vella - Dating: s. I, III, XIV, XIX
Name: Ponte Nova - Dating: s. XX
Name: Ponte Millenium - Dating: s. XXI
Name: Igrexa de Santo Domingo - Dating: s. XVII
Name: Igrexa de Santa María Madre
Dating: s. XVIII
Style: Roman origins
Name: Igrexa de Santa Eufemia
Dating: s. XVIII
Style: Baroque
Name: Conv. e Igrexa San Francisco
Dating: s. XIV
Style: Baroque
Name: Catedral
Dating: s. XII-XIII
Style: Baroque
Name: Burgas
Dating: s. XVIII
Style: Ogival
Name: Antiguo Palacio Episcopal
Dating: s. XVI, XVII, XII
Style: Romanesque, Baroque
Name: Alameda, Xardín do Posío
Dating: s. XIX, XX
Style: Neoclassical
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