On the Way of St. James


Praza da Quintana de Mortos 1

15704  Santiago de Compostela - A Coruña

42º 52' 48.9" N - 8º 32' 38.0" W


This house from the beginning of the 18th century was designed by Domingo de Andrade and built by Fernando Casas y Novoa, as a residence for the Cathedral canons. It stands on a rectangular ground plan, with granite masonry and a four-sided slate roof. On a stepped base, there are four homes joined together by one single facade, but separated from each other by five pilasters that rise up to the cornice. All four are arranged in the same way: free-standing Doric columns with three semi-circular arches on the ground floor, and an on the upper floor, a balcony with an iron railing and a window on each side. The chapter arms are above the central pilaster. Above this, on the roof, there is an enormous chimney.
This construction currently houses: cafeterias, a restaurant, gift shops and the Official College of Architects.

The Ways of St. James

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