On the Way of St. James


Parish: Corcubión (San Marcos)

Place: Corcubión

Praza Xosé Carrera 1

15130  Corcubión - A Coruña

42º 56' 39.9" N - 9º 11' 39.9" W


The old Indian José Carrera foundation house (1924) currently hosts the Corcubión town hall. It was the wish of José Carrera Fábregas, born in Corcubión and emigrant to Argentina, to erect this building. He donated his wealth to the town, for the construction of an asylum (a project that was never pursued), and an Arts and Trades School.
The building´s structure is similar to the educational institutions of the time. It has a central section that connects two symmetrical wings, where the classrooms were located. The chapel, located in the centre of the façade and where the founder´s ashes would later be kept, was the element which defined the layout. It has a classical façade with a central symmetrical axis, heavily influenced by the size of the entrance, which projects slightly beyond the façade and is framed by two pairs of Corinthian pilasters which serve as a vertical counterpoint to the façade´s horizontal structure.


In the town centre.
Accessibility: Walking, by car or by bus.

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