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On the Way of St. James
Dates of celebration: 14/08 - 25/08


Betanzos - A Coruña

43º 16' 46.0" N - 8º 12' 37.0" W


In the shade of the trees and awnings, aboard original boats, adorned for the occasion with flags, wreaths and lanterns, groups of young men and women liven up the pilgrimage to Campo dos Caneiros, on the upper part of the Mandeo river, with food and wine in abundance. The boat trip along the stretch that separates the hub of Betanzos from this upper part of the river is a real shindig, full of colour and good humour. Boats set sail from Paseo da Tolerancia, animated with charanga music. In the afternoon, the municipal boat sails up the Mandeo, with the festival queen procession and the authorities joining the pilgrimage, and the river is full of motorboats coming and going all day. On the way back, the party and fun continue at the dance at Praza dos Irmáns García Naveira.
The San Roque patron saint festivities also include two tours of Os Caneiros: one week before the end, and on the last day of the festivities. On the way back from Os Caneiros, a firework display is held on Ponte Vella.
The three main days of festivities in Betanzos are the two days of boat tours and the 16th, the San Roque festival. Another of the most typical events of the Betanzos festivities also takes place on that day, followed by thousands of betanceiros (locals) and visitors: the cutting of the strings and the ascent of the world’s largest paper balloon, followed by the fire in front of the classic San Roque façade and a fireworks display.

The pilgrims embark on their unique barges to the rhythm of the charanga, a small amateur marching band with wind and percussion instruments that plays festivals, on the Paseo da Tolerancia.

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