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Dates of celebration: 02/06 - 02/06


Ares - A Coruña

43º 25' 31.0" N - 8º 14' 42.9" W


Since 1986, Ares has celebrated Corpus Christi by manufacturing floral carpets that, year-after-year, are admired by the thousands of visitors who come to the fishing village. The locals, perfectly organised into six groups, are the architects of this spectacular work of botanical art to which they dedicate weeks of effort and which is more than one kilometre long.
Tradition, great colour and the involvement of the people come together in Ares to celebrate Corpus Christi, so that when the procession passes through on Sunday afternoon, the streets of the town are beautifully decorated.  Ares smells of rose, carnation, hydrangea, sorrel, white cedar and pine, among other floral smells.
If the making is important in these works, the harvesting is no less so. Knowing where to find the right branches, herbs and flowers, the locals, together with the Asociación de Alfombras Florais de Ares, prepare a collection calendar. First the greenery, which must be treated with great patience, and then the flowers.
Each of the six groups makes their own carpet with the chosen motifs. Tradition dictates that the theme is not revealed until moments before the carpet is made. Hundreds of people take part in the meticulous making of the carpets. Entire families collaborate in this work and the youngest children, as well as making their contributions, enjoy the carpets made with children's motifs.
On the eve of the big day, towards the evening, Real and María streets, next to A Igrexa square, begin to transform. An intense night awaits the locals in which they will have to turn the tarmac and the cement of the streets into a work of art. At dawn, Ares shows off a new and floral look. On Sunday afternoon, the treading of the procession will wipe away this floral adornment, although the locals will not forget these powerful days of conviviality.

Highlight: The making of the carpets on the eve before the big day.

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