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On the Way of St. James
Dates of celebration: 05/08 - 07/08


Parish: Arca (Santaia)

Place: O Pedrouzo

O Pino - A Coruña

42º 54' 27.0" N - 8º 21' 51.9" W


All those who come to the O Pino town hall on the first weekend of August will find three parties in one. It is the Festa do Galo Piñeiro, which aims to salvage and value this rooster species native to O Pino, but also includes a horse show and, in its latest editions, a Celtic festival with the aim of decorating the streets as an imitation of the civilisation that introduced the piñeiro rooster to Galicia.
More than 15,000 people come to enjoy the festive atmosphere that floods the parish of Arca, taken over by the traditional stalls selling crafts and native gastronomic products. There are also characters dressed as ancient Celts, some battling, others dressed as musicians... as well as displays of trades and crafts workshops of all kinds.
One of the biggest attractions on Sunday is the contest/exhibition of the beautiful piñeiro roosters, a very rare species, with prizes for the best pairs. But the admiration of live roosters does not stop there, as the public has the opportunity to taste their meat for free and to participate in a popular meal with the piñeiro rooster as the main dish.
The festival shows no signs of stopping at that point and, in the afternoon, a horse show takes place, with exhibitions, prizes and various equestrian shows.

The exhibition and the piñeiro rooster contest.

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