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Dates of celebration: 19/03 - 19/03


Ferrol - A Coruña

43º 29' 04.9" N - 8º 13' 58.9" W


Rooted in the heart of the town of Ferrol for more than 100 years, the Festa das Pepitas pays homage to all the women of the city through rondallas (ensemble of string instruments played with picks) and songs. Numerous musical groups from the city and the region participate in this celebration with waltzes, dances and habaneras, which are played on lutes, mandolins or bandurrias.
Since 1903, on the eve of San José, the rondallas have gathered: bands playing string instruments while dressed in costumes similar to those of the traditional tunos of the University (sporting capes, ties, ribbons or rosettes), who go through the streets of the city singing to the ferrolana, the local women of Ferrol. Each formation has a godmother.
Additionally, on that same night, the city's hoteliers give their customers a unique heart-shaped chocolate and orange sweet, known as bico das Pepitas.
Over the years, this tradition acquired an institutional character, as a cerimony is held at the Jofre Theatre, badges of honour are awarded and the  fraternity between the City Council of Ferrol and the City Council of Mondoñedo is commemorated. The procession is present in the streets through the local groups and those invited from neighbouring municipalities, in addition, a festival of tunas is held in Praza de Amboaxe.

Highlight: The sweet, heart-shaped caked called Bico das Pepitas

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