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On the Way of St. James
Dates of celebration: 04/10 - 12/10


Lugo - Lugo

43º 00' 19.9" N - 7º 33' 38.0" W


A peculiarity of the San Froilán patron saint festivities, which have been celebrated since 1754, is a must-see for the whole of Galicia. In fact, in the two weekends that it spans, Lugo becomes the heart of Galician social life, around what are considered the quintessential autumn festivals in Galicia.
One of the main days is the second Sunday of these festivities, called “O Domingo das Mozas” and dedicated to the glorification of traditional costume and Galician folklore.
The plazas of the old quarter are filled with activities: parades of carnival heads, brass bands, markets and magic and juggling shows also take place on these days. The festivities end with a medieval fair in the Plaza de la Catedral and around the Roman wall. At night a great fireworks show puts an end to it all.
During these festivities, boys and girls take on a special role with San Froilanciño, a set of activities organised for them that includes popular games, chess competitions, theatre and puppet shows.

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