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On the Way of St. James
Dates of celebration: 04/10 - 06/10



History and myth converge in these lands to tell us of the Lord of Tierra de Campos and Galicia and founder of the Monastery of San Salvador (that houses relics kept in a Paleochristian sarcophagus), known locally as the Holy Count, or of a wizard in the style of writer Alvaro Cunqueiro, Pardo de Cela, Lord of Frouxeira, a popular marshal betrayed, or of Fernando de Casas Novoa himself, the architect whose dress rehearsal for the Obradoiro façade of Santiago Cathedral is to be found in the parish church of Santa María de Valdeflores. This valley, lying amongst the foothills of the mountain range, is a crossroads at which we can choose to move on to the coast, the central plains of Lugo or the mountains. And it is here where, on the first Sunday in October, a festival and fair are held to pay tribute to this product that is highly valued and appreciated throughout Galicia, an essential ingredient for its stews, casseroles and compango (cured meat and sausages), thought by some to be the way to true friendship.

The Ways of St. James

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