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On the Way of St. James
Dates of celebration: 01/02 - 13/02


Verín - Ourense

41º 56' 29.9" N - 7º 26' 17.9" W


In this town in eastern Ourense, the cigarróns are the stars of the Carnival. They make their appearance in the town on Corredoiro Sunday, the week before Shrove Sunday, after the morning masses. They greet the parishioners and fill the atmosphere with magic and excitement with their dances and the deafening sound of their chocas (bells).
There are many rituals that take place during these festive days, weeks before the most important celebrations, such as those carried out by boys and girls, entangled in wars of the sexes, on the Thursdays of Comadres and Compadres.
On Shrove Monday, the batalla de harina (the battle fo flour) takes place in Verín, a sign of the breaking down the barriers of everyday life and formerly a way for boys to approach girls and attract their attention. On Tuesday, there is the great parade of floats, troupes, masked people and cigarróns that go through the centre of the town.
Cigarróns, brass bands and festivals liven the streets and squares of Verín, which rest from the excesses of the Carnival on Ash Wednesday, a local holiday.

Greeting of the cigarróns battalions at the end of mass, on Corredoiro  Sunday

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