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On the Way of St. James
Dates of celebration: 28/02 - 01/03


The town of Baiona was the first place on the Old Continent to learn of the existence of the New World. In 1493, the caravel La Pinta made landfall here, under the command of Martín Pinzón, bringing news of the existence of another world and proof to back it up. To commemorate that historic event, each year there is a re-enactment on the beach which begins with the arrival of Pinzón and his battered crew. They are accompanied by a couple of natives from the new lands and foodstuffs previously unknown in this part of the world, lending credibility to the fabulous news brought by Columbus's companion in his feat.
The entire city of Baiona is decorated in medieval style. The port area and streets of the old quarter become a large outdoor market, with stalls selling food and artisanal products. The only music heard is live and medieval. Nobles, knights, merchants, artisans, peasants and maids stroll along the streets in an authentic comprehensive recreation of the past. There are maroon canvas awnings and the stalls follow the same medieval aesthetic in terms of both materials and design. In the town's squares, artisans offer live demonstrations of their crafts, troubadours recite romances and ballads, knights and squires give falconry demonstrations, and comics and jugglers put on a show. On the beach, there is also a dramatization of a fight between knights for the love of a princess, the culmination of one of the best historic festivals held in Galicia.

Reenactment on the beach of the arrival of Pinzón's crew, bringing news of the European discovery of the New World.

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