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On the Way of St. James
Dates of celebration: 11/08 - 22/08


Vilagarcía de Arousa - Pontevedra

42º 35' 42.9" N - 8º 45' 56.9" W


The most eagerly awaited day on Vilagarcía de Arousa's annual calendar is 16 August, Feast Day of St. Roch, when two of its most famous celebrations are held: the procession of the saint, a centuries-old tradition, and the Water Festival, which emerged spontaneously in the 1980s and has now been officially sanctioned. The day's events begin with the High Mass and procession of the saint, which attracts huge crowds. However, instead of the subdued feel which usually characterizes such events, here they have a most festive air, as the route is walked to the beat of the pasodoble 'Triunfo' and the figure of the saint is even made to 'dance'.
The town is getting ready for what comes next: once the saint has been placed in the chapel, the signal is given for the start of an enormous water fight. This takes place in a large designated 'wet area' and even includes fire hoses. Water pistols, balloons, buckets from balconies, household hoses ... any 'weapon' will do if it helps to soak the crowd of up to 30,000 people. Fun is ensured and continues afterwards with lunch on the beach.
The festival of the patron saint of Vilagarcía is also known for a variety of celebrations. It includes a famous naval battle with fireworks between a ship and a castle on the dock. There are also two well established culinary events: the Carril Clam Festival and the Albarousa Artisanal Albariño Show.

Huge water fight with brass bands at the Water Festival.

The Ways of St. James

The Route of the Sea of Arousa and River Ulla

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