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Dates of celebration: 20/05 - 21/05


Parish: Ponte Caldelas (Santa Eulalia)

36828  Ponte Caldelas - Pontevedra

42º 23' 21.0" N - 8º 30' 05.0" W


Since 1967, on the initiative of a group of fishermen from the town, Ponte Caldelas has been celebrating the trout of the river Verdugo and organising a popular gastronomic festival, praised by writers and personalities from Galician social and cultural spheres, and an International Fishing Competition, very well-known by those involved. All fishing societies in Galicia are invited to take part in the competition which takes place on the river path between the A Calzada river beach and the village, which is paraded on by the curious and admiring public. The food tasting takes place in the Alameda, on Saturday afternoon, after the fishing competition. Although since 1993 it is no longer possible to sell river trout, only farmed trout, the fish still remains popular today. Along with the trout, you will also have the chance to taste many other regional specialities, such as kid and game meat (partridge and rabbit meat). The town's innkeepers are responsible for preparing the dishes in various ways in front of a crowd. On Sunday morning, the trophy ceremony of the fishing competition takes place in the presence of the authorities and numerous enthusiasts, and the Alameda is once again filled with the media and the public. Afterwards, a banquet takes place in what used to be the old spa of Ponte Caldelas, in a beautiful spot by the river.

Not to be missed: The "Libro da Festa da Troita" (Book of the Trout Festival) is published every year, which contains the programme of festivities, the rules of the International Fishing Competition and current issues affecting the development of the town.

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