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Dates of celebration: 24/07 - 24/07


Moraña - Pontevedra

42º 35' 25.0" N - 8º 35' 20.0" W


The Festa do Carneiro ao Espeto brings the celebrations in Moraña to a close. The setting is the Carballeira de Santa Lucía park. About two hundred rams are roasted here, Pampero style (carved open and roasted over a wood fire). Rams are sold whole, rather than by cuts, making it a feast for large groups of friends, with a table reservation booked (20-30 people) and a load of food (a ram, two zorza pork and cod empanadas, bread, a carafe of local wine, and coffee). But everyone gets a chance to try the meat as all the restaurants in the town prepare it during this time in anticipation of the large number of people who flock to the festival.
The festival has its distant origins in the early 20th century, when an emigrant from this small town in Argentina organised a picnic with pampero-style ram. The current version started in 1969 with the work of a group of local young people. With such a long history, it is considered one of the most important food events in Galicia.
While waiting for the roast, which takes about seven hours to cook, guests work up an appetite with empanadas and wine. The clubs, recognisable by their flashy T-shirts, liven up the meal with their charanga bands, and everyone ends up getting into the playful spirit of this great party. 

Highlight: It is worth walking up to the fence around the roasting spits and taking a look at the rams hanging around the fire as they cook slowly.

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