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Dates of celebration: 20/05 - 21/05


Parish: As Cruces (Nosa Señora da Piedade)

Place: Vila de Cruces

Vila de Cruces - Pontevedra

42º 47' 40.0" N - 8º 10' 19.9" W


Vila de Cruces knows the secrets of the Galo de Corral (free-range rooster), and since 1993 it has been sharing them through a gastronomic event that includes, in addition to the popular tasting of this product, a programme of activities in which music and culture are the stars of the event.
The festival was created by a group of breeders of the Agro rooster, in order to promote a dish made with a product raised naturally by more than twenty producers.
The secret of this free-range rooster lies in its diet, since it is raised outdoors with grains, such as corn, wheat and barley, without any type of additives. Additionally, the bird is slaughtered at nine months, when it is usually done at seven. The result is a meat with a more intense flavour, rougher, with a firm texture and with very little fat due to the diet and physical exercise that life in the countryside requires. Once cleaned, the weight of the free-range rooster exceeds four kilos.
Its meat is highly appreciated among chefs and foodies for its excellent flavour. And its culinary qualities allowed the festival to be part of the European Network of Gastronomic Heritage that promotes local products and traditional cuisine.
High levels of quality and exceptional flavour are characteristics of the free-range rooster, which is identified by a numbered ring placed on its leg. The exhibition and sale of the best free-range rooster specimens takes place in the tent in the Plaza de Abastos, although the day of the festival is complemented by various musical performances.

Highlight: The best specimens in the Plaza de Abastos.

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