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Avión | Carballeda de Avia | Leiro

42º 21' 51.4" N - 8º 10' 57.3" W


Pena Corneira located in the municipality of Carballeda de Avia, it reaches 675 m. It is easily distinguished at a distance due to a vertically positioned elongated crag, which crowns it and gives it its name. Some think they see the silhouette of a unicorn in it.
The “menhir” of O Ribeiro
The ten-metre high horn rises up over other large rocks to poke out between the vegetation. In this way, Pena Corneira constitutes the visual reference point from almost any point of the Avia valley, in the grape and wine-growing region of O Ribeiro. It is accompanied by many other curiously shaped rocks or combinations of rocks, of which the rounded bolos, piled up, corridors between stony walls and other erosive forms, are the most outstanding All this amidst a landscape which has also retained its indigenous vegetable cover in many areas.
The ascent can be made on foot up the path which cuts through the Leiro riverside Park, some nine kilometres from the top. The path is easy to follow with walkways and steps at the steepest parts and there are interesting turnoffs to the “Regato do Foxo”, an ethnographic area which has a group of six watermills and thirty restored, raised granaries, or to the Romanesque church of San Tomé (Serantes). The forest Park near the base of Pena Corneira can be reached by car as well, and also the lookout point of “O Outeiral”, both, without any doubt, the best places from which to enjoy this national monument, the biggest in the region of Galicia.
The forest of Ridimoas (Beade) borders this protected area. This is the property of the Beade culturalecological association which promotes its restoration and the diffusion of didactic information about it.


Ourense region of O Ribeiro, municipalities of Carballeda de Avia, Leiro and Avión.


998 hectares


Accommodation and food in nearby areas.
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