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Dates of celebration: 29/07 - 29/07


Parish: Sedes (Santo Estevo)

Narón - A Coruña


It is a recreation of a castro village that forms a multidimensional event with an ethnographic and anthropological-cultural base that attempts to recreate the roots and ways of life based on the castle culture. The Oenach festival uses dynamic and lively museum didactics, focused on the residents of the Sedes parish as an essential dynamic.
O Oenach Atlántico is born in the location of the plot of the Feira do Trece, with hundreds of years of antiquity, of great relevance in the region and that during the flourishing of the fairs in the second half of the 20th century came to gather together more than 23 thousand people throughout the two days it lasted. It was a meeting place in the neighboring communities where people traded, made deals and pacts, and resolved conflicts while strengthening family and neighborhood ties, holding games, and developing collective magical-religious rituals.
O Oenach includes various activities, such as lighting the fire, which consists of lighting natural fires inside iron bowls and performing a two-hour musical show in which dance is mixed and held at sunset on the first day.
There is also a live museum recreation of a castro village that takes place with the construction of a group of pallozas in which castreña pottery, stonework, mills, etc. are exhibited. Daily life is recreated theatrically and work is done with objects of the time. There is also a Galician handicraft fair with the participation of about 40 artisans, a rural fair with farm products, and an open market where the traditional Feira do Trece de Sedes takes place on Sunday.
O Oenach Atlántico also includes rural games from all over the country and a gastronomic encounter of Celtic pork on a spit, Mos chicken, and horse mackerel braised on the brazier. Children's play areas and refreshment stands are also included. It also recreates the Noite do Castro, a representation of the different problems of rural communities.

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