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Road bike tourism around Galicia and Portugal

Active tourism package focused on road bike tours around Galicia (Spain) and Portugal, that includes a selection of 11 asphalt tracks with different levels of difficulty and length grouped in the program Arnoia Thermal Bike KM0, along with a stay in a 4-star Spa Hotel with natural hotsprings and with facilities for bike tourism, that offers spa treatments focused on cyclists.

Full program

Enjoy a few days of road cycling and spa treatments in Galicia, in the Northwest of Spain, with our package of Bike Tourism and Spa Hotel. Visit the second region of Europe with the highest amount of natural hotsprings, the province of Ourense. We offer you a package of several days staying in the Arnoia Caldaria Spa Hotel.

Arnoia Caldaria Spa Hotel

Located in the region of O Ribeiro, the Arnoia Caldaria Spa Hotel is a 4-star hotel with a spa, that has all the regular services and facilities of a hotel of its category, and also a spa with natural hotsprings swimming pools along with spa treatments.

Also, through their specific program for road cycling Arnoia Thermal Bike KM0, this hotel is equipped with specific services for cyclists: 

  • Bicycle secured parking
  • Workshop area
  • Bike wash area
  • Tracks information point (that offers GPS rental) at the hotel information desk
  • Shop for basic bike products

The Arnoia Caldaria Spa Hotel offers you a list of spa treatments that will help you relax and take advantage of its natural hotsprings water properties; and also specific treatments for cyclists like:

  • Legs massages
  • Shoulder and neck massages
  • Back massages

During your stay, besides being able to enjoy its facilities with natural hotsprings pools, you can alswo relax with the daily treatments included in this package.


Cross-border routes and visits

The closest border with Portugal is only 20km far from the Arnoia Caldaria Spa Hotel, so we offer you cross-border tracks that will allow you to visit both Portugal and Spain in the same day.

During the proposed tracks you will be able to visit cities and villages with great historical and architectural interest, such as Ribadavia, Allariz, Celanova, Carballiño, Vilanova dos Infantes or Pazos de Arenteiro to name a few.

Bike tracks

  • Track 1: Vilas Termais (25.45km - approx. 1h16m - IBP 33)
  • Track 2: Cultura Castrexa (46.53km - approx. 2h19m - IBP 39)
  • Track 3: Viño do Ribeiro (59.68km - approx. 2h58m - IBP 44)
  • Track 4: Aquae Urente (64.65km - approx. 3h13m - IBP 37)
  • Track 5: O Priorato (77.26km - approx. 3h51m - IBP 74)
  • Track 6: Pena Corneira (89.65km - approx. 4h28m - IBP 98)
  • Track 7: Vilas do Arnoia (100.04km - approx. 5h00m - IBP 101)
  • Track 8: Os Monxes (105.00km - approx. 5h14m - IBP 100)
  • Track 9: Raia Termal (111.50km - approx. 5h37m - IBP 117)
  • Track 10: Miño - Sil (125.69km - approx. 6h17m - IBP 113)
  • Track 11: Ribeiro - Laboreiro (161.30km - approx. 8h03m - IBP 273)

Excursions, Gastronomy and Wine tourism

In case you decide to mix biking days with resting days, we offer you the possibility of including half-day or full-day private tours in your package.

In these excursions, we can visit any area of Galicia or the North of Portugal, being some options:


Duration of your stay

You can combine the number of tracks that you like based on your preferences.

Services included

  • Accommodation in double room in Arnoia Caldaria Spa Hotel with access to natural hotsprings swimming pools
  • Daily spa treatment specific for cyclists
  • Breakfasts and dinners (arrival day only dinner, departure day only breakfast)
  • Information about bike tracks
  • Planned visits during your tracks
  • Insurance during your tracks
  • Taxes