Walks to fall in love with

How can we describe the sensation produced by the caress of a breeze, the smell of flowers or the enchantment of a landscape? How can we narrate the silences that wander in the thick of the forest or the roar of a waterfall?

When we enter the realm of emotions, words are scarce and it is difficult to describe the mark that a walk in nature leaves on us. Then the poet emerges and says with simple beauty “Wayfarer, the only way is your footprints and no other.” And in Galicia the roads become poetry, and from verse to verse they trap us with their intense emotional attraction. These are walks to fall in love with.

Contemplating the sea, on the river banks or discovering waterfalls, Galicia seduces us with its harmony of greens and blues, inviting us to discover a hidden heritage among forests and mountains. And even a city walk can sometimes steal our hearts!

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