Pathways for discovering a country

Is a reference catalogue for pathways that fulfil the conditions for approval required by the FEDME (the Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing) on a nationwide level and the FGM (Galician Mountaineering Federation) in the region, and that meet international standards.

 With this information, we would like to bring the fascinating world of hiking to the general public and to encourage those who already love it to discover the rich natural and monumental heritage of Galician pathways.
However, before you set out, it is essential to consult other specialised publications and seek additional information from recommended institutions and associations.

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Locate the trails on the map

You can search by list or by map, providing information on the length of the route, the estimated time to travel it, the level of difficulty and the cartography, as well as photographs and other information of interest. 


Download the SENDEGAL application

Turismo de Galicia would like to promote and encourage hiking as a way of getting closer to our natural spaces as well as our ethnographic and monumental heritage.


This  app  will  allow  you  to  discover  the  officially  approved  trails  in  Galicia,  with  a  short  description  of  the  route  and  its  visualisation  on  Google  Earth  (with  the  possibility  of  recreating it in 3D). SENDEGAL has two modes, you can either download and save the maps on to  your  smartphone  device  ((iPhone, Android..) and  use  the  app  while  being  offline  or  simply  use  the  on-line  mode  and  see  the  maps  as  you  go.  In  both  cases,  the  GPS  will  indicate  your  position at all times and will allow you to follow the trail without difficulty. When searching for  a  route,  you  will  be  able  to  visualise  them  by  list  or  by  map;  you  may  further  filter  your  search  by  selecting  the  length  of  the  route,  the  estimated  time  needed  to  complete  it,  its  level  of  difficulty  and  the  cartography,  as  well  as  be  able  to  see  photographs  and  other  information of interest related to Galicia’s pathways.