Our pilgrimage to the “10 unrivalled destinations in Galicia“ now heads north, to the Serra da Capelada, which boasts some of the tallest cliffs in Europe.

Their highest point is Vixía Herbeira, 620 metres above sea level. From this vantage point you can appreciate the full grandeur and size of these cliffs, second only in height to the sides of the Norwegian fjords, which plunge almost vertically down to the sea, at an angle of over 80º.

The views from here are absolutely spectacular: a wonderful panorama of the mighty Atlantic Ocean and the rugged coastline on either side of Santo André are without a doubt some of the best to be found anywhere along the whole of the coast of Europe.

And, talking of Santo André, don’t miss the chance to visit the chapel, situated on the road leading up to the hilltops of the Serra da Capelada. This is one of the most popular shrines in all Galicia, to which, according to the local saying, “those who do not go in life, go after death“. If you want to observe tradition, leave a stone on one of the cairns along the roadside, as proof of your visit. And if you’re looking for a partner, then don’t forget to pick some “herba de namorar” (a variety of sea pink traditionally used in love potions). You never know...!

After you’ve reached the Serra da Capelada, why not carry on to Cape Ortegal and visit the lighthouse, where you’ll be amazed by the force with which the ocean batters Os Aguillóns (The Needles), sharply pointed rocks sticking up out of the sea against which the waves break with all their might. The experience will be even better if your trip coincides with stormy weather, because you’ll be able to see the untamed ocean in all its splendour, a feeling of power you’ll never forget. Take a moment to breathe deep and feel the vastness of the Earth, the power of the wind and the sensation of peace transmitted by this remote place.

If you then drop down to Cariño and feel in need of sustenance, don’t forget you can try some of the delicious local dishes like “guiso de raia“ (ragout of skate) or “revolto de ourizos e algas“(scrambled eggs with sea-urchin roe and seaweed), which will flood your palate with the tangy taste of the sea.

For your information...
The Pilgrimage to Santo André de Teixido: The main pilgrimage and festivity takes place on September 8th, although there are others, which don’t attract quite so many people, at different times throughout the year (Whit Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or June 24th).

No doubt about it, this trip will leave you with the sound of the wind in your ears, salt on your skin and your hair all a-tangle, but above all with the feeling that you’ve been to a place with views that are unequalled, almost unattainable... but definitely unforgettable.