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On the Way of St. James


Parish: Soutomaior (San Salvador)

Place: Alxán

36691  Soutomaior - Pontevedra

42º 19' 36.5" N - 8º 35' 25.6" W


One of the most notable features of the Vigo estuary, the distinctive form of A Peneda is visible from much of the county.

The steep-sided 329-metre peak is topped by the seventeenth-century chapel of Nosa Señora das Neves (also known as the Virxe da Peneda). The chapel is built on the site of the A Peneda castro settlement, which would have been located here due to its defensive position and wide vistas.

The entire Vigo estuary, from its starting point at the mouth of the Verdugo river to Rande, with the Cíes islands in the distance, can be observed if one stands next to the ancient cork oak at the A Peneda viewing point.

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