Becerreá - Lugo

42º 57' 49.6" N - 7º 06' 36.7" W
42º 55' 32.8" N - 7º 03' 52.0" W


A lovely route through an area of great scenic and natural value: the Os Ancares Lucenses e Montes de Navia, Cervantes e Becerreá Biosphere Reserve.

The trail can be done by any hiker. We recommend walking it from north to south, as there is less of a gradient, and preferably in the cooler months. The route begins in Lugar de O Couto, continuing through a hilly area of low scrub to the Donsal River valley, passing through the village of Quintá. Once in the valley, you can follow the derivation to the hidden spring known as Fonte dos Corzos, continuing through wooded Fraga da Baliña to a lovely spot on the Donsal River.

For the next few kilometres you will walk along the riverbank, then begin climbing up to Lugar de Sevane. Along this section, you will see a number of ancient chestnut trees, whose twisted trunks are proof of just how old these trails are. Crossing Sevane, whose
cherry trees produce exquisite fruit, you will return to the Donsal River at Fervenza de Sevane. This small pool is the perfect place to rest and refuel before setting off on the final leg. There is a simple hydroelectric facility in this spot, which for many years supplied electricity to the local area.

Cross through Lugar de Buisán to begin the long climb up to Lugar da Arroxiña that will lead you to the final section of the route. You will again get a panoramic view of the valley. From here, the path descends through ancient chestnuts to the Navia River and the end of the route.


From the A-6, take exit 456 and follow the LU-P-0708 for 14.9 km. You will see a sign board for the trail by the side of the road.


15.3 km (the main route is 14 km and the derivation is 1.3 km out and back).

Point of Departure / Arrival

Point of arrival: Bridge over the Navia River (Concello de Becerreá) - UTM: 29T X:657951 Y:4754392
Starting point: Lugar do Couso - UTM: 29T X:654143 Y:4758482


Lugar do Couso, Quintá, Fonte dos Corzos, Sevane, Fervenza de Sevane, Lugar de Buisán, Lugar da Arroxiña, Bridge over the Navia River.




4 hours 50 minutes.


In Becerreá.


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Bicycle access

Partially suitable

Horse access

Partially suitable

cartography I.G.N. (1:25:000)

99-I Córneas.

Further information

Asociación Castaño y Nogal
Tel.: 981 126 069

J Taboada (Técnico homologador de sendeiros)
Tel.: 626 835 030

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Small travel


Natural interest
Scenic interest


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