Recreation areas and viewpoints
On the Way of St. James


A Coruña

Lousame | Rianxo

42º 44' 42.8" N - 8º 46' 38.1" W


Forming a natural border between the municipalities of Lousame and Rianxo, Monte Treito (Muralla) provides a magnificent viewing platform half way between the O Barbanza mountain range and the Rías Baixas estuaries.

Seen from this rocky vantage point, the undulations carved by the small rivulets descending to the rivers form adjoining valleys to the south of the viewing point where, in the foreground, hamlets such as A Varela, Bustelo and Vilar nestle, surrounded by fields of carefully tended crops.

In the middle distance, turning 180 degrees to the west, there are splendid views of the Arousa, Noia and Muros rías (estuaries).

The Ways of St. James

The Route of the Sea of Arousa and River Ulla