Boborás | O Carballiño

42º 25' 21.2" N - 8º 05' 33.1" W
42º 23' 48.9" N - 8º 08' 55.0" W


This route begins in the Parque Municipal do Carballiño, in front of the fish farm. It passes through the popular Pena dos Namorados and the Arenteiro Ethnographic Park, where you can find the interesting Muíño do Anxo ecomuseum, the municipal campsite and a restaurant.

The path crosses the Arenteiro river up to five times over various bridges. Among them, the Ponterriza and Castro Cavadoso stand out.

After passing over Ponterriza, you will arrive at the village of Moldes, next to the old market venues. It is recommended that you go up to the Romanesque church of San Mamede, a national monument immersed in a romantic setting including large chestnut trees and an old cemetery where illustrious Galician intellectuals rest.

Descending towards the river, in an almost magical setting under the rocky crags that support the remains of the Castro Cavadoso fortress, a magnificent stone bridge crosses the Arenteiro river creating a picturesque scene. Afterwards, the path slowly climbs up to the Cima de Vila neighbourhood and descends to Cabanelas with its church, country houses and noble houses.

The route continues towards Pazos de Arenteiro (see PR-G 76). Before entering the villa, it is worth going to Pozo dos Fumes where the river becomes turbulent among the rocks.


O Carballiño is one of the main towns in the province of Ourense.

A plus

The market venues
Each market had a physical space where people gathered to exchange animals and various products. The markets could be held on fixed or variable days, but care was taken to make sure that markets did not coincide with others taking place in the same region. Over time, architectural constructions were formed by arches in which sellers and buyers were protected and free areas between these acted as streets in which to display their products.


11 km.

Point of Departure / Arrival

Point of arrival: Pazos de Arenteiro (Concello de Boborás)
Starting point: Parque municipal do Carballiño (Concello do Carballiño)


Parque do Carballiño, Pena dos Namorados, Muíño do Anxo, Ponterriza, Moldes, Paradela, ponte de Castro Cavadoso, Cima de Vila, Cabanelas, Pazos de Arenteiro.




3 hours and 40 minutes.


With the PR-G 76 and 77.


It is recommended that you wear hiking boots, as the route runs through humid places in areas close to the river.


In O Carballiño and Pazos de Arenteiro.


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Not suitable

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Not suitable

cartography I.G.N. (1:25:000)

187-I O Carballiño, 187-III Maside

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Small travel


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