Parish: Río Caldo (Santa María)

Place: Os Baños

Lobios - Ourense

41º 51' 44.2" N - 8º 06' 23.2" W

The Walk

Aquis Originis
Roman traces in O Xurés

The route we propose is located in the heart of the Parque Natural da Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés, a cross-border biosphere reserve. We start our walk in Os Baños, where there is also a spa hotel. We will be able to feel the Roman trace of Gallaecia, as we will follow the ancient Via XVIII of the Itinerary of Antoninus, also called Via Nova. In fact, on our way we will find the remains of the ancient mansio Aquis Originis–a kind of inn–where the hypocaust of the baths is clearly visible.

We continue through the forest until we reach the foot of the Corga da Fecha do Carballón, which comes from the foothills of the O Xurés mountain range, bordering Portugal. This is the start of another route that is more difficult and risky, as there are steep slopes to overcome, but which offers beautiful views of the natural park. The return journey follows the right bank of the Caldo River, where you can refresh yourself in summer or enjoy the thermal waters in the open-air swimming pool. The name given to the river (Caldo means warm) by popular wisdom is indicative of the hot water upwelling here.


Length: 3,32 km (circular)
starting point:
Os Baños (41°51'45.90''N / 8°06'22.70''W)
End Point : Os Baños (41°51'45.90''N / 8°06'22.70''W)
Circular walk

Accessibility to consider

Floodplanes in the rainy season


Hidden heritage
Initial pickup date: 01/01/2021