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Dates of celebration: 10/11 - 12/11


Parish: Moaña (San Martiño)

Moaña - Pontevedra

42º 17' 06.7" N - 8º 44' 53.6" W


The celebration of these festivities dates back to the year 1237, when the historic temple of San Martin Patron of Moaña was completed, located in the Crucero neighborhood, although it appears documented officially for the first time in 1637.
At present, ancestral customs are upheld, such as afuranchar (sampling) wine in the basement of centuries-old houses, wine that was considered leftovers from the harvest, pig slaughter and chestnuts. Depending on the year's harvest, 30 to 35 furanchos are set up at these festivities. The festive area is covered with a large tent and the music does not stop at all hours of the day across the three days of festivities: music bands, brass bands, traditional groups, popular games for children and adults, magosto (chestnut tastings), orchestras for the evenings, and stalls of all kinds.
The religious acts are followed by droves of people. On the 11th San Martiño invites the Virgen del Carme, a unique image in Spain made from a single piece of oak trunk, of great size and considerable weight, to go out in procession.

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