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Dates of celebration: 07/07 - 09/07


15300  Betanzos - A Coruña

43º 16' 50.9" N - 8º 12' 40.2" W


This fair has been celebrated since 1998 in memory of the fair that took place in this city during November in the 14th and 15th centuries.
The streets and balconies of the buildings in the Historic Centre of Betanzos are adorned with fabrics and banners that represent the coats of arms of the families of Betanzos in the late Middle Ages.

The main events of this Feria Franca (Free Fair) are performance of scenes that marked the development and culture of Betanzos in a significant way:

Arrival of the Lord of Andrade to the city, which refers to the concession in 1465, by King Enrique IV of Trastámara to Betanzos, of the official title of CITY and the concession in 1467 of the privilege of being able to carry out a Feria Franca every year in November.

A Fire in the city in the year 1569.
• Other historical representations: the Battle of Figueiras and the Irmandiña Revolt.

• On the third day, perhaps the most gruelling scene of all takes place, which recreates the plague and the diseases that wreaked havoc in the city in 1381, and which concludes with a performance of the expulsion of lepers from the city.

• On Sunday afternoon and in the Plaza de los Hermanos García Naveira, a medieval horseback tournament takes place with performance of a judgement of God and a joust, all preceded by an archery exhibition and a falconry exhibition.
Everything is complemented with lots of music and street theatre. Juggling, performances in the different squares of the Old Town, fire games, minstrels, jesters, and more, in addition to almost 150 stalls selling different products.

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