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On the Way of St. James
Dates of celebration: 17/10 - 20/10


27740  Mondoñedo - Lugo

43º 25' 41.9" N - 7º 21' 47.9" W


Located between A Terra Chá and the area known as the Mariña Lucense, on the road to Ribadeo and Asturias. It was once one of the seven capitals of the Ancient Kingdom of Galicia, and a bishops seat with Romanic cathedral included, and today a living museum of the past. The town has close connections with a famous 15th century figure, Marshal Pardo de Cela, and the famous Conciliar Seminar of Santa Catalina, which became a focal point for this city that was to be the birthplace of musicians such as Pascual Veiga and writers such as Álvaro Cunqueiro. Yet this town is equally famous for its delicious almond tarts. The fairs and festivals are celebrated on the days leading up to and around 19 October, the highlight of which is the famous horse market that attracts the inhabitants of the A Mariña and the surrounding hillsides. It provides a perfect backdrop to show off the finest arts and crafts on offer in the province of Lugo and the whole of Galicia.

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