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On the Way of St. James
Dates of celebration: 13/06 - 16/06


27001  Lugo - Lugo

43º 00' 35.0" N - 7º 33' 18.0" W


The Arde Lucus was born in 2002 with the primary objective of commemorating the founding of the city of Lugo by recreating its Roman past. Linked to the summer solstice, in this event recreational and cultural aspects are combined with the greatest possible historical rigour. Its walled enclosure is transformed for three days every year into Lucus Augusti, an outstanding city in Roman Gallaecia that offers visitors a varied programme of activities.
The Wall takes on a special role during the festival, as well as the people who inhabit the city and who actively participate in the festive spirit by taking to the streets, whether in Roman or Castro clothing. In addition to the historical re-enactment, Lucus Augusti offers participants a good selection of Lugo gastronomy.
The City Council, citizens, historical re-enactment associations and various private organizations made it possible for Arde Lucus to experience strong growth since its first edition, and it currently receives half a million visitors.
The quintessential meeting point, the market (Macellum), is a constant hive of activity. The Praza Maior is the ideal setting to travel back in time to the 1st century. Even the Cohors I Lucensium set up camp in this square, safeguarding the safety of the citizens of the empire.
Another location that visitors to Arde Lucus should not miss is the camp where legionnaires and gladiators, people from Lucus Augusti and other areas of the empire, live together and share with different Castro tribes. The circus, the Galaico settlement, and the Romanus Theatrum, in Plaza de Santa María, the true cultural centre of the festival, are other places worth visiting.

Highlight: the buzz of activity in the Macellum.

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