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On the Way of St. James
Dates of celebration: 20/02 - 25/02


Laza - Ourense

42º 03' 38.9" N - 7º 27' 42.9" W


The borough of Laza, a vertex stretching along the banks of the Támega and the slopes of the Hills of San Mamede and O Invernadeiro, is the proud custodian of traditional Galician festivities such as Os Maios and in particular the Entroido, or Galician Carnival. A time heralding the start of Lent and the arrival of spring, which for the farming world brings with it the colourful blossoming of nature and a period of sowing and planting. Groups of Peliqueiros liven up the towns streets and squares, dressed in their elaborate costumes that combine elements and rituals from the ancient, medieval and baroque periods. With their faces covered by a mask carved in wood, crowned by a semi-circle and decorated with totemic symbols, they follow the ancient rituals that have been passed down throughout the centuries. Running, jumping and shouting, they ring their bells in unison, lashing out with their whips at anyone who dares to cross their path. The festivities reach the heights of frenzy on the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. After mass the locals engage in a fierce flour and ant throwing battle, take part in parades, taste a special sponge cake called bica, and people dressed up as a bull named Morena run loose along the streets. The end of the festivities is marked by the Entierro de la Sardina (Burial of the Sardine).

The Ways of St. James

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