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On the Way of St. James
Dates of celebration: 05/05 - 05/05


This is the Terra da Chispa, or Land where sparks fly due to its celebrated travelling knife grinders. The capital is Ourense, the city of the Santo Cristo, the bridges over the Miño and the Burgas Fountain, which pours forth its boiling water. The city has a long-standing tradition in the celebration of farming festivals such as the Magostos, with its typical bonfires and chestnuts held on 11 November - and which coincides with the celebrations for its patron saint San Martín  , as well as Corpus Christi, or the Maios, held on early May. This ancient and simple festival is popular throughout the province of Ourense as well as on the historical streets and squares of its capital. It represents a celebration of the blossoming of the trees and the bloom of childhood and youth, symbols of life and fertility. It was christianised by the Tree of Redemption represented by the cross, and turned into the Day of the Holy Cross. A keen rural instinct induces the younger inhabitants to parade their Maios  images made from brightly coloured fruits and flowers and fashioned into a range of forms and covered in leaves - around the streets either on their shoulders or on homemade floats. The procession is accompanied by children beating sticks and singing satiric and witty songs with clear allusions to current affairs.

The Ways of St. James

Vía de la Plata

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