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Marine tourism...


In Galicia, the sea has never been a frontier, as since time immemorial, Galicians have known how best, in a unique symbiosis, to take advantage of the wealth it offers.

  • Marine tourism in A Mariña lucense

    Marine tourism in A Mariña lucense

    May be the less explored. The Cantabrian Sea hits the coast of Lugo powerfully; nonetheless we find the most important fleet of Spain in Burela...

  • Marine tourism in Ferrolterra

    Marine tourism in Ferrolterra

    Ferrol's history is linked to the military and civil naval industry...


  • A Coruña e As Mariñas

    A Coruña e As Mariñas

    From the Tower of Hercules, the most ancient lighthouse of the world, World Heritage Site, to the modern acuarius called "Home of the fishes" A Coruña...

  • Costa da Morte

    Costa da Morte

    From its coast the world's best seafood is extracted. The strange name of this wild landscape is based on the many shipwrecks and disasters it has caused...


  • Ría de Muros e Noia

    Ría de Muros e Noia

    In this area the tinned food industry is located, and at the same time it contains the world's largest number of mussel punts...

  • Ría de Arousa

    Ría de Arousa

    Is considered the "touristic pearl of Galicia" due to its great Maritime Tourism possibilities and the famous wine "Albariño" of the brand Rías Baixas...

  • Ría e Terras de  Pontevedra

    Ría e Terras de Pontevedra

    Pontevedra still contains one of best preserved historic town-centers of Galicia which reminds us of its past linked to the sea and fishing...

  • Ría de Vigo e Baixo Miño

    Ría de Vigo e Baixo Miño

    The Cíes Islands that are part of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands, close and protect the Ría de Vigo. Unique places such as Arcade, famous for its oysters...

In this sea, in fact, in the world’s seas, Galician fishermen have fished for all manner of species, from the smallest shrimp to the very largest of tuna, and even whales. All of this has led to what is today a state of the art industry, in which fish farming, shellfish harvesting, canning, advances in shipbuilding etc. all play a key role.

The sea has also defined this singular landscape, with 1,200 km of stunning coastline offering great biodiversity which include wide sweeping beaches with fine white sand, hidden away coves, spectacular cliffs and beautiful islands and islets, as well as the characteristic rías or estuaries which represent one of Galicia’s most distinctive features. This landscape, so entwined with the unique cultural heritage offered by the sea and fishing can be visited and enjoyed throughout the year, ably complemented by a sumptuous and varied gastronomy which bases itself on products of excellent quality, and charming accommodation in over one hundred rural guest houses.

We invite you to explore this seafaring website and the introduction it offers to all things Galicia - "here's to fair winds and may the tide be with you!".

What exactly is Marine Tourism in Galicia?

This is a new tourism product which brings together the authenticity and uniqueness of Galicia’s maritime culture with a carefully selected range of rural guest houses which offer the visitor truly unique experiences such as:

  • Visitar calquera dos 55 faros que atopamos en portos, cantís e illas.
  • Visit one of the 55 lighthouses that you can find at ports, on cliff tops and on islands.
  • Sail on an old fishing boat which has been converted into a floating museum.
  • Discover how cockles, clams and razor clams are "farmed" on the same beaches where people swim and sunbathe.
  • Dive right into the hustle and bustle of a fish market and discover for yourself the peculiar auction system used to sell sea produce.
  • Visit some of the thousands of beds which produce the finest mussels in the world, order a dish and accompany it with a fine Galician wine.
  • Go sailing among dolphins, porpoises and finback whales.
  • Wander around one of the many fishing harbours and enjoy the bars and taverns where fishermen meet after a hard day at sea.
Most of these activities are guided by sailors and fishermen, offering the visitor a completely different experience, one which has the real "taste and smell of the sea".



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