Bird watching is an activity that is performed in nature, so we must take the utmost care of our surroundings: birds should be watched with the greatest respect for the birds themselves, their habitats and the environment in which we move. As such, we should follow some basic rules.

A bird's welfare takes priority over a good watching session

Try not to disturb them at any time. Don't stress them or expose them to hazards.

Always be attentive to a bird's behaviour

If it shows signs of alarm, it's better to step away. If you frighten it you're doing something wrong. Always keep a safe distance: some species are tolerant of people being close, but others are especially sensitive. They should be allowed to rest and eat peacefully.

A critical time for birds is nesting season

Being in nesting territories or watching nests closely entails a significant risk for successful breeding.

Watching rare and endangered birds is exciting but it's important to be cautious when sharing sensitive information

When in doubt, consult ornithological societies or environmental authorities.

Take care of the environment

Respect the vegetation and tranquillity of the various spaces. Don't leave garbage or other debris - take it with you until you find suitable containers to throw it out. From the places you visit for watching you will take away good observations, amazing moments, great memories and great pictures.

Respect private property

Remember that most of the environments in which you are watching birds are privately owned, so never enter anywhere without permission; using public roads and paths is enough to enjoy the birds.

Also, respect the livestock

In the field there are not only birds: many people live off of livestock activities and these are fundamental to the whole of society. If you encounter cattle, don't bother it. You will often cross livestock herds, usually cows: give them priority, don't frighten them and follow the owner's instructions.

Respects the laws

There are laws and regulations that protect birds, their habitats and other components of biodiversity and the landscapes. Follow them and observe them at all times.

In many cases you will use a private vehicle to travel around

Remember to always follow the rules of the road and to not endanger anyone or yourself when attempting to make a simple observation; there will be many other opportunities.

Bird watching provides much satisfaction and many unforgettable experiences

Getting involved in conservation efforts is a good way to return the favour.