Ancient Fortifications (Castros)

Located in strategic places and with spectacular views, "castros" are fortified villages where in times of war Galicia's inhabitants sought shelter. But in addition, there is something magical about Galician castros, because they were located in high places and were believed to be closer to heaven, and therefore to the afterlife.

The fortifications are vestiges of the Celtic culture and were in use for over one thousand years (from the 4th century BC until the 6th century AD); in Galicia there are hundreds of excavated fortifications and thousands still to be discovered. Do not miss: the impressive Castro de San Cibrao de Las; the Castro de Viladonga, which predominates Lugo's Terra Cha area; the Castro de Baroña, built on the rocks and overlooking a wonderful beach; and the Castro de Santa Trega, in A Guarda, one of the best preserved and largest, with incredible views of the mouth of the River Miño, between Spain and Portugal.