The world's most beautiful deer is in Galicia. It is more than 4,000 years old, but it is still slender. It is a petroglyph, an engraving in stone by a refined Neolithic Age artist.

The deer is part of a hunting scene portrayed on a 60 square metre rock and which is shaded by lush oak trees. It is known as A Laxe dos Carballos (The Deer of the Oaks) and it is one of the 80 petroglyphs that can be found in the Campo Lameiro Cave Paintings Archaeological Park (Parque Arqueolóxico da Arte Rupestre de Campo Lameiro), Europe's largest collection of stone age engravings.

In fact, petroglyphs are a living and silent presence that can be found all over Galicia. Mazes, animals, geometric symbols, human figures... Galicia's landscape is immersed in a halo of mystery.

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