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On the Way of St. James
Dates of celebration: 22/03 - 01/04


Betanzos - A Coruña

43º 16' 43.9" N - 8º 12' 39.1" W


Holy Week in Betanzos begins the Friday before Palm Sunday with a mass in honour of the Virgen de los Dolores (Our Lady of Sorrows). From this day until Holy Tuesday, music, especially in the well-known Cycle of Sacred Music, is the true highlight.  

The Blessing of the Palms takes place on Palm Sunday in the afternoon, as well as a procession with a depiction of the Borriquiña (Jesus riding a donkey), which is accompanied by numerous Betanzos residents with their branches and palms.

On the night of Holy Wednesday, a simple and emotional Stations of the Cross is celebrated through the streets of the historic city centre.

In the following processions, singing and bands are heard in the cobbled streets of the historic centre.

On Maundy Thursday, after the celebration of the Last Supper, with the characteristic washing of feet, the procession of the Holy Encounter takes place, in which the meeting of the different images of the Passion with the Virgin Mary is depicted.

On the afternoon of Good Friday, the Death of Jesus is commemorated, which is portrayed in the procession of the Holy Burial. At night, in the Caladiños (silent) procession, the Betanzos residents accompany the Virgin in her solitude.

On the afternoon of Holy Saturday, the Soledad (solitude) procession, in which the image of San Juan accompanies the Virgin, represents the hope of the resurrection, which is celebrated solemnly at night at the Easter Vigil.

The Cycle of Sacred Music.

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