Parish: Porqueira (Santa María)

Place: Forxa

Porqueira - Ourense

42º 01' 05.2" N - 7º 50' 40.4" W

The Walk

Fírbeda River Waterfalls
Secret waterfalls in A Limia

It is a demanding route in several of its sections, and with the risk of falling from different heights, so it is not recommended for families. We must also be careful in wet or rainy periods because of the danger of slipping on the foliage and the difficulty of the terrain.

This being said, the route starts next to a traditional stone bridge, in the lower course of the Fírbeda River, already in the Limian plain, with a small recreational area and a mill. The path follows the right bank of the river upstream, passing through several old canals of these traditional buildings and arriving at a wooden bridge. This section would be the most easily accessible.

From here the path climbs steeply most of the time, surrounded by native forest made up of oak, chestnut and alder trees. On our ascent we have several viewpoints of the Veiga de Ponteliñares, Forxa and its medieval tower, of great strategic importance in the 11th and 12th centuries for the control of access to Galicia through the region of A Limia. We cross a wooden bridge and quickly start to descend along the left bank of the river, offering us a viewpoint over the waterfall or fírveda that gives its name to the river. We will reach the bridge we saw on the way up, and after crossing it, we will return to the starting point.


Length: 3,8 km (circular)
starting point:
Road OU-301 Forxa (42°01'05.03"N / 7°50'40.55"W)
End Point : Road OU-301 Forxa (42°01'05.03"N / 7°50'40.55"W)
Circular walk

Accessibility to consider

Rugged terrain
Slippery terrain areas
Steep slopes


Discovering waterfalls
Initial pickup date: 01/01/2021
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