Parish: Casteligo (San Martiño)

Chandrexa de Queixa - Ourense

42º 16' 25.3" N - 7º 21' 05.1" W


The Casteligo ravine originates from the convergence of the Regueiro dos Palleiros and the Regueiro da Corgodola, which collect water from the highest parts of the Serra da Queixa, some of them at an altitude of 1700 metres. There is a viewpoint next to the OU-0703 road between Celeiros with A Pobra de Trives, where we can leave the car and go down to take a photograph of the waterfall, which we will see springing up among the autochthonous for-est. The river Dorelle follows its course through the town of Chandrexa de Queixa and flows into the river Navea. The river is hidden among an autochthonous forest of Pyrenean oaks, willows, alders, birches and other species.

At some points a small canyon of granite rocks is formed. At 650 metres from the viewpoint, we will find a path on the left-hand side with a sign pointing to a hiking route that leads to Casteligo. To get to the foot of the waterfall, we must take a path that goes off to the left from the route but which is not signposted. We must walk there with great care, as it is full of large rocks, between which the water flows. The waterfall is about 12 metres high and it is advisable to visit it in spring, when the snow on the summits of Manzaneda begins to melt. 

Initial pickup date: 01/06/2021
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