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On the Way of St. James


A Pobra do Caramiñal - A Coruña

42º 36' 54.1" N - 8º 58' 24.6" W


This site actually comprises two huge granite masses, A Curotiña (368 m) and A Curota (498 m). They are not the highest or the only vantage points in the Barbanza Mountains, whose summit is the Iroite mountain (685 m), but they are the best places to have an almost aerial perspective of the Rias Baixas, even reaching Portugal on an uncloudy day, it is said. On those occasions, this is the best place to feel the quietness of the rias, while beneath your feet the boats and mussel-breeding places will look like figures in a huge scale model. The short distance to the sea and the sharp differences in height levels result in rivers with steep descents. From A Pobra do Caramiñal, step by step, it is possible to get to the waterfall of the river Pedras. From Boiro, to the Cubelos waterfalls. In summer months, their cold waters are a nice reward after the tiring climb, if you enjoy them carefully.
Megalithic remains can be seen everywhere. Dolmens such as Arca do Barbanza and Casota do Páramo (Boiro) or the one in Axeitos (Ribeira); Celtic settlements such as Baroña (Porto do Son) or the ones in O Neixón (Boiro).
Top-category landscapes. Peat bogs abound on the high plains in Barbanza Mountains, in rich ecosystems.


Through the dual carriageway of O Barbanza (VRG11) or the C-550 road, with turn-offs on several points to make the ascent to A Pobra do Caramiñal.

The Ways of St. James

The Route of the Sea of Arousa and River Ulla


In the municipality of A Pobra do Caramiñal, in the Barbanza Mountains, within the peninsula of even name.


50,3 hectares


Accommodation and food in the neighbouring villages.
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