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Dates of celebration: 25/08 - 26/08


Ribadavia - Ourense

42º 17' 13.0" N - 8º 08' 39.9" W


The Jewish quarter of Ribadavia is the site of one of the most authentic medieval festivals among the many held in Galicia. Coaches and cars of visitors arrive from all over Galicia to immerse themselves in history for a day. They travel back to the golden age of the capital of O Ribeiro, around 1600, when foreign sales of wine reached dizzying heights and the district of O Ribeiro became one of the most prosperous areas of Spain.

The event begins on Saturday morning with the reading of the historic edict in the streets and squares of the town. The Jewish quarter, decked out in medieval style, is filled with stalls selling culinary products, with benches and tables for eating, and artisanal products. Everything must be paid for using maravedis (which can be purchased at an office set up by the town council).

The best way to enjoy the festival is to dress in medieval attire, regardless of character or social status. To make things even easier for attendees, the festival organizers have thousands of costumes for hire. This will allow you to take part in the Istoria parade, which is open to anyone dressed in period costume, or the medieval dinner on the grounds of Sarmiento Castle. Nobles and peasants alike dine on the most traditional Galician foods, accompanied by the excellent wines of O Ribeiro.

The day is enhanced by a packed programme of activities, from games and human chess for kids to battling knights, dances for ladies without knights, a Jewish wedding, falconry demonstrations, archery, and more, all in a true medieval setting.

Highlight: Reenactment of a 'Jewish wedding'.

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